Glendon Campus Meal Plans

Our Meal Plans for 2019-2020 offer incredible choice, flexibility and value!

Bronze $3,500 $2,950 $400 $150
Silver $4,000 $3,450 $400 $150
Gold $4,500 $3,950 $400 $150
Platinum $5,000 $4,450 $400 $150

You can add Flex Dollars to your account at any time for other things on campus such as printing services, laundry and to use at the Bookstore. The Meal Plan dollars cannot be used to purchase taxable beverages and snacks (e.g. carbonated beverages, potato chips, granola bars) unless you purchase these items as part of a meal. The Taxable dollars included in the packages above are intended to be used to purchase taxable beverages and snacks when you are not purchasing them as part of a meal. You can add additional Taxable dollars to your YU-card at any time.

Meal Plan dollars will be available as of August 31, 2019 and any unspent Meal Plan dollars will be transferred to the Taxable account at the end of the Meal Plan term on April 26, 2020. Any unspent Meal Plan dollars may be used in subsequent years to purchase food on a taxable basis if you remain enrolled at York U. Meal Plan and Taxable dollars are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to the Flex account. See Terms and Conditions for details.

The program fee provides a number of benefits to Meal Plan holders including an on campus vendor coupon booklet (valued at $80), on-campus food specials, exclusive events and festive dinners and other offers. The program fee in non-refundable.