Cooking Classes

Missing out on home cooked meals shouldn’t have to be a sacrifice as a student.

Food Services has introduced in partnership with Aramark and the Health Education Team a series of free cooking classes for students catered to simple and healthy recipes that can be made right in residence.

Available at both Keele and Glendon campuses, these informative cooking classes are hosted approximately four times a year with new recipes and skills to learn. Meals that have been made in the past include, vegan potato Kati wraps, personalized pizzas, rice paper spring rolls, and different types of stir-fry.

York U cooking class

You not only get the hands on experience of cooking with professional chefs, but you also get to learn health tips from a dietetic intern about the ingredients and nutrients in different recipes, portion sizes, different dietary substitutes, and food safety regulations.

Cooking classes for this semester are currently scheduled for:

Suspended until further notice.