Eco-Takeout Program


Help reduce packaging waste when you take your food to go with our Eco-Takeout program.  When you buy food at participating locations, you have the option to take your food to go in a reusable container.  Using these containers is a more sustainable way to buy takeout and will help significantly reduce packaging waste.  There are 4 different containers available to suit any type of food – soup, stir-fry, entrees and side dishes, sandwiches, etc.

Eco-TakeoutA one year membership in the program is only $5.00.  To join the program, visit the YU-card and Food Services office at 200 William Small Centre.  You'll receive an Eco-Takeout membership card and a validation sticker for the year.

Here’s how you use your Eco-Takeout card in three easy steps:

  1. When you buy food at participating locations (see below) give the restaurant staff your eco-takeout card when you place your order.
  2. When you’re finished eating, return the container to any of the participating locations -- no need to clean it as the restaurant will wash and sterilize it.
  3. When you return the container you’ll also get a membership card back to use for your next meal.

Broken or lost containers or lost membership cards will not be replaced, so take care of them!  If you lose the container or your card, you can join the program again by paying the membership fee.

We hope you enjoy the eco-takeout program.  Let’s put our forks where our mouths are and make a difference to reduce waste!

Participating locations for 2016/2017:

  • Stong Cafeteria
  • Winters Cafeteria
  • Osgoode Bistro
  • Glendon Cafeteria