Meal Plans

Meal Plan Refunds: Students who move out prior to March 31 will have a pro-rated refund with a maximum refund amount for the following plans:

  • Bronze Plan - $368.75
  • Silver Plan - $431.25
  • Gold Plan - $493.75
  • Platinum Plan - $556.25
  • Suite Convenience Plan - $284.38

Those with balances exceeding the refundable amounts will have their balances transferred to a meal plan taxable account for continued use. The $50 transfer fee will be waived. All refunds and/or transfer will be processed on or after March 31st.


Whether you live in residence or commute to campus, Meal Plans are your best option for saving while you study and eat on the go. Charge your YU-card with a Meal Plan today and enjoy a wide range of savoury, budget-friendly dishes across campus!  With over 40 places to eat, you'll have plenty of fresh, healthy options.

Bite Into These Benefits

Any student can benefit from a Meal Plan. Load up your YU-card and start saving:

  • TAX – save on HST!
  • FEES – save on bank fees!
  • TIME – prepared meals at the swipe of your YU-card!

"Saving the HST means I have $300 more dollars to spend on food!"**HST savings from the Bronze Plan

You can easily add more Flex Dollars to your YU-card at any time and use it for many things around campus including snacks, vending machines, laundry and printing services.

Savoury Sample Prices

Menus and prices are set by individual eateries and are subject to change without notice.

Breakfast & Snacks Lunch & Dinner
Bagel w/ cream cheese: $2.49 Soup: $3.39
2 eggs w/ bacon or sausage: $4.00 Pizza slice: $4.09
Muffin: $2.09 Chicken teriyaki w/ rice: $7.59
Cookie: $2.09 Lasagna w/ salad: $7.59

Mouth-Watering Meal Plans

Depending on your residence of choice, Meal Plans are either required or optional.

Meal Plan Required Meal Plan Optional
Keele Keele
Norman Bethune Calumet
Stong Norman Bethune Suites
Tatham Hall Pond Road Suites
Vanier York Apartments
Glendon Glendon

How to Purchase a Plan

Setting up a Meal Plan is easy. Follow these steps for Meal Plan success:

  1. Choose it. Select the Meal Plan that is best suited for you.  If you plan to live in residence, you'll choose your Meal Plan when you accept your offer from Housing.
  2. Pick it up. Go to the YU-card office to get your card and tax exemption sticker.  If you're living in residence, you'll do this when you move in.  Your Meal Plan will be set up so you can start swiping and saving.
  3. Swipe it. Each time you swipe your YU-card at a campus eatery, the cost of your food is subtracted from the balance in your Meal Plan account.
  4. Monitor it. Keep track of your balance as you go. If you need to top-up your account, you can add funds online or at the YU-card office.

If you're living in residence, the cost of your Meal Plan will be due in two installments.  However, you will receive ALL of your Meal Plan dollars up-front when you move in.  See the terms and conditions of your Housing offer for details.

How to Cancel a Plan

Meal Plans are not fully refundable and can only be cancelled if you elect to move out of residence. If you withdraw from residence, your refund will be prorated based on the date you move out or cancel your plan (whichever is later). All refunds are subject to a $50 administration fee.